It's our way of saying THANK YOU for being such a great customer!  For every dollar spent, you will get one rewards point.  Save your points and trade them in for rewards certificates that can be used on future purchases.

You can track your total rewards at any time by going to
My Account - My Rewards - View Details / Redeem.

When you redeem your points (by clicking on Redeem under My Rewards), click on the appropriate gift card based on your points balance.  Do NOT click on the add to cart button.  Instead click on the green Redeem This Item button.  It will take you to your cart to checkout.  You will then be emailed a gift card code that can be used immediately.  Please do NOT lose this gift card code, as we do not get copied on those messages.  To apply the gift card to an order, please enter it into the coupon code field at checkout.  Thank you!

Please note that rewards points AND gift cards earned from rewards points are NOT transferable.  If they are transferred to someone else, both parties will lose any earned points.  Thank you for your understanding.

You MUST create an account in order to get rewards points.  If an account is not created prior to the order, you will not receive rewards points.

100 Points - $5 rewards certificate

200 Points - $10 rewards certificate

450 Points - $25 rewards certificate

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