Diaper of the Month


Do you like trying out new diapers?
Do you stalk the mailman when you know fluffy mail is on the way?

Here's how it works:

1. Go HERE to purchase your Diaper of the Month subscription.  You can choose your subscription (3, 6, 9 or 12 months), your color preference (boy, girl, neutral), your closure preference (snaps or aplix - **please note that some diapers do not come in both closures, so you could get a diaper that does not have your closure preference**), how you would like to pay (monthly or a discounted rate to pay all at once) and will also be asked for the current weight of your baby (for any sized diapers).  You will also be able to choose a tier level.  Tier 1 will be the least expensive diapers and/or accessories.  Tier 2 will be mid-level.  And Tier 3 will be the most expensive level. 

2. When you checkout, you will be charged for a ONE MONTH DEPOSIT if you chose to pay by month or the entire balance if you chose the discounted option.  Shipping costs and processing fees are already factored into your subscription.   For your first payment you can choose either credit card or PayPal.  The deposit will be kept if there is a non-payment or cancellation of your subscription.  If all payments are made then the deposit will be used to pay your final month's diaper.  If there is a cancellation of a subscription that was paid in full, one month's payment will be retained and the remainder will be refunded to you.  Please purchase the Diaper of the Month subscription only when checking out.  If purchasing other items, please do a separate order for those items.

3. Each month, including your first month (if you are paying monthly), you will be sent a PayPal invoice the last week of each month.  You must pay the PayPal invoice by the 8th of the month or email me to opt out for that month.  While the Diaper of the Month is a subscription, I do understand that things come up and sometimes it is not feasible to spend extra money.  However you are making a commitment and that needs to be respected as well. To be fair a six or nine month subscription will be entitled to one "opt out". A 12-month subscription is entitled to 2 "opt outs".  That simply means that you can pass on purchasing a diaper for that particular month.

4. You will not be notified of what the Diaper of the Month is before it is shipped to you. Since some diapers are sized diapers, please let me know if there was a significant weight change from the previous month. You can either email me or put that information on your PayPal payment.  It is your responsibility to keep the size and/or gender current.  If you need a different size, the cost of shipping both ways will be invoiced to you.

5. There are no returns or exchanges.

6. If there is a missed payment, I will contact you to arrange for payment. If there is no response or if there is a second missed payment, then you will be removed from the subscription and will not be allowed to participate in the future.

7. This Club is open to everyone - no matter where you live. The price is shown for the US only. If you live outside of the US, your shipping charge will show when you add the Club to your cart.  Add what you would like, enter your address and click the calcuate shipping button to see your shipping quote.

8. You can sign up any time. Payment and shipping will always be the first week of the month. So if you sign up after the 8th of the month, your first diaper will not ship until the following month.

**Please note that this program does not earn rewards points - sorry for the inconvenience!!**

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