Sheepish Grins Solid Lanolin
Sheepish Grins Solid Lanolin

Sheepish Grins Solid Lanolin

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This lanolin is rated above pharmaceutical grade with no additives or preservatives.

Two ounces of solid lanolin will go a long way.

Solid lanolin is also used by breastfeeding mothers to help heal sore or cracked nipples.

For dry, chapped hands or lips, try solid lanolin to soothe and repair.

To Use: Add a teaspoon of solid lanolin and a few drops of baby wash to very hot water and stir to combine. Add mixture to your wool soak water then immerse your wool item into the lanolin-rich water. Soak your wool a minimum of 15 minutes or over night. Remove extra water from your wool by rolling it in a towel and then allow to dry.


Scent Description
Baby Powder This dreamy scent invokes memories of cradling little ones. Very true to J&J's baby powder.

Cotton Clean, fresh laundry scent. This is one of my personal favorites as well as a most popular fragrance.

Fun in the Sun (This scent is more commonly known as Sex on the Beach). Just like the drink! An upbeat blend of Peach, Orange and a splash of Cranberry. Incredibly popular scent.

Lavender EO
Pure lavender oil fragrance.


Monkey Fruits Fun and fruity! Starting with a top note of sweet pineapple, banana and orange leading to a heart that combines green apple, coconut rum and dreamy vanilla. Changed the name from the more commonly known name.

Natural Sleep Blend Gentle aromatherapy to help your little one relax into dreamland. Lavender, vanilla and lemongrass essential oils with a hint of sandalwood.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey


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