Bottombumpers Side Snapping All-In-One Diapers - Custom Flag Ribbon FINAL SALE
Bottombumpers AIO Side-Snapping Diaper - Flag Ribbon Custom

Bottombumpers Side Snapping All-In-One Diapers - Custom Flag Ribbon FINAL SALE

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White diaper with Flag Ribbon Embroidery - available with either Red or Blue Snaps.


Bottombumpers Side Snapping All in One Diaper is one of the trimmest, most absorbent diapers out there! Made with durable waterproof soft outer. They are lined with certified Organic Cotton.

Our soakers are 4 layers Organic Cotton and topped with Bamboo Velour. So that is a total of 6 layers of absorbency!! Side snapping diapers help you avoid front bulk of regular diapers! And our snap diapers look brand new wash after wash after wash!


Bottombumpers Diaper Size Chart
Size Small Medium Large
Waist 12-17" 14-22" 17-24"
Rise 14.5" 17" 18.5"
Weight up to 18lbs 14-32 lbs 28+ lbs

Recommended Washing Instructions

  • Wash all new diapers before use and make sure to dry AIOs on HOT to seal needle holes in the PUL.
  • After prewashed/used, We wash in cold with a small "squirt" of generic laundry detergent. 
  • Then Wash HOT with NO detergent to sanitize, sterilize, kill bacteria, etc.
  • Then we dry all our diapers on HOT until dry.
  • Allow diapers to completely cool before folding, wearing or putting away as pulling on elastic while it is warm/hot will cause the elastic to wear out or break fast!!!

Bottombumpers are manufactured in the USA. Made by a small family and select few contracted seamstresses in smoke and pet free sewing studios. 
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