Blueberry Bamboo Prefolds

Blueberry Bamboo Prefolds

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NEWBORN size measures 12x13" and is good for babies 5-10 lbs.
SMALL measures 12x16" and is good for babies 7-15 lbs.

MEDIUM measures 14.5"x17" before washing and fits babies 12-25 lbs.

LARGE measures 14.5"x21" before washing and is good for babies 15-30 lbs.

These prefolds are as basic as you can get with cloth diapering. It's a staple for most moms that use cloth diapers. Regardless of the system you have, you will always need prefolds at least during the newborn stage, or even just for back up.

Made with 4x8x4 layers of 70% bamboo viscose/30% organic cotton twill that gets softer and more absorbent the longer it is used. Sold in 6-piece packs. Made in Pakistan.

Folding the diapers

The most popular way for newborns and girls is to fold the diaper into thirds.  Lay the diaper with the two parallel stiched lines running horizontally and fold over each other as shown in the diagram.  Lay on top of a waterproof cover and fasten securely to the baby.

As boys get older, folding the diaper to create extra padding in front is the most popular.  Lay on top of a waterproof cover and fasten securely to the baby.

A modified version of this fold is useful in containing very loose stools, or if you want to secure the diaper with fasteners.

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